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         The Michael Dolsey Brand has been in the water for over 25 years ! Better designs with more features.

Bodyboard -XPE-Dolsey soft top bodyboards, the best choice 800
Bodyboard -XPE-Dolsey soft top bodyboards, the best choice 800

Proven - Trusted ....since 1978 

Proven - Trusted ....since 1978 

Ocean Ready BUDGET series - XPE Body Boards - Soft Top -  Good performance shape - Slick HDPE bottom, Concave bottom channels for speed and control. 

Color tops , White logo banded - Fishbone bottom graphic.

Vinyl film X print- Innegra pattern - Tribal heads bottom graphic. 

Includes - Coil leash, and leash plug, pre installed.  Colors: Seafoam, Sonic blue, Innegra X print                 


SUPERIOR PRO series Body Boards - PE Soft Top -  Advanced performance - Slick rigid bottom - bottom channels,

BETTER speed and control. 

Color , Plain bottoms  NO leash or leash plug included .   Colors: Midnight Black, Arctic White, Sonic blue              Rental grade

39_-42_-45_ Dolsey soft top bodyboards 8
  Bodyboard -XPE- Lime-Dolsey
  Bodyboard -XPE- print-Dolsey soft top bodyboards 800
  Bodyboard -XPE- Tiki bottom-Dolsey soft top bodyboards 800

  Ocean Ready  -Fishbone Bottom                   Blue                          Seafoam                 Innegra Look           Tiki Heads Bottom


Supreme PE Pro series - For rental and Advanced Boarding -  Leash plug or leash not included - Black - White -Sonic Blue