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Proven - Trusted   since 1978

Order Line  -  800 969 7473

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Proven - Trusted   since 1978
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      NEW - Electric Bikes


      NEW - Electric Folding Bikes

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Electric Foil Board

     SUP Motorizing Kit         E-FiN

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 Dolsey Ltd. since 1978.        Foils - Foil boards  - Motorized SUPs - SUP Power conversion kits -Inflatable SUPs - Lesson & Rental boards - Surfboard and SUP accessorie

Michael Dolsey - Designs, imports,stocks and distributes  - Surfboards, Paddle Boards, Electric Foil Boards, SUP Electric conversion Kits, Electric Surfboard fins, Rashguards, SURF and SUP accessories, 

Our innovative designs help make your watersports experience successful and enjoyable.

Distribution Centers - FL, NC, VA, ME, CA. SUP and SURF Products for consumers, Surf and SUP dealers, Camps, Contests, Events, Outfitters, Rental and Lesson Providers. Wholesale - Retail

Private labeling watersports products for over 25 years.    Founding member SUPIA, Lifetime member of ESA. Bulk and Private Label Rashguard Providers to majors.        

email -      Text- 757 737 2004                  Apply to be a Dealer - 757 423 3037             Dolsey Ltd - 1978 

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Glider   Plastic Best Rental and Lesson



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Urchin  Epoxy Innegra  

BamBam SUP, stable wood  paddle board, best riding paddleboard,  1 800 969 7473

BamBam   PC

Best All Rounder




Hybrid  shape

e board hibryd seafoam 2020.png

Ray  Epoxy  Innegra  


Ripper- Dolsey akes great

  Ripper       Carbon performance 



Dolsey E-Fish surfboards are fun quad / twin fin surfboards  Private label available . 800 969 7473



LTS - Poly 

Fun or Long




EZ Wider SUP, poxy paddle board,  lesson paddleboard, Norfolk 1 800 969 7473

EZ Wider   Durable


Wide - Stable



Dolsey Tuna , most stable paddle board Virginia Beach     800 969 7473

Tuna       E SUP




Bumper soft top paddle board, Bumper SUP for lessons, , 757 423 3037

Bumper Softy

Must have lesson SUP



      Land line   -  800 969 7473

Dolsey iTravler  inflatable SUP ,10'5"x35"x6", is the go to SUP for Acro Yoga.. that says it all. Buy one 800 969 7473

iTraveler    Most stable Inflatable 35" wide




PC Woody blue front.png

PC Wood   

Fun  - Long

Foil SUP by Dolsey, Michael Dolsey surfb


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Tracker       Plastic Displacement SUP



Pescador Fishing or Big guy SUP



M-4 & 6     2-8 person inflatable SUPs



Plastic 9 foorwe.png

Softy OR   

Lesson   - Entry  

Plastech Fantastic

 Durable Rental  

Softy Supreme Hard bottom Softtop  




    Distributing SUPs, Surfboards, Rashguards, Foils and Accessories, before there was online.   Durable-Stable- Proven-Trusted.       Dolsey- since1978 .