Polyester Surfboards


LTS Surfboards

Poly fun and longboards by Dolsey, are great shapes , performers and values.

LTS:  We build full template designs, for easier wave catching and to be user-friendly, good all-around performers in ankle to well overhead conditions. Surfboards constructed from a polyurethane (PU) blank, what was the standard in the 60s, have a different feel and ride than epoxy boards. Our poly boards tend to weigh more than epoxies, as as we reinforce them with extra cloth and resin, old school.

Construction: Hand or CNC shaped, fiberglass cloth laminated with polyester or epoxy resin.  For 2021 we will only offer the 3 stringer look in clear or a seafoam tint. 

Sizes -7'6" to 9'6". 

Inventory varies, so please check with your shop or us for availability.   

Shown below:

 Cear or Sea foam tint w 3 stringer look


    Sizes  /   Dims                Liters


   7'2" x 21.75 x 2.875"                45

   7'6"  x 22"  x 3.00                      48

   7'10"  x 22.5 x 3.00                   51

   8'4" x 22.75 x 3.00                    54

   9'0" x 23 x 3.25                         58

   9'6" x 23.5 x 3.50                      67


   Size                   MSRP


   7'2"                         $610

   7'6"                         $630

   7'10"                       $650

   8'4"                         $670

   9'0"                         $700

   9'6"                         $750


Michel Dolsey Designs Surfboards

Performance. Quality. Value. Proven. Trusted.    

At Dolsey, we make a variety of board styles, constructions, and shapes. For learning, lessons, rentals, and performance surfing.

We manufacture boards that help you catch more waves, and that perform well.


Have a look, you will be impressed. Ride one, you will be a customer.    

Phone: 1-800-969-7473 -Text: 757-737-2004  Fax: 757-423-5568

857-863 West 44th Street, Norfolk, VA 23508          




            Dolsey since1978            

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