Multi person Inflatable Paddle boards   Available powered. 

                                                                         "D o l s e y n a t o r s "       


For Camps, team building events, rentals, tours, family multi person fun. - NOW STOCK  


The D o l s e y n a t o r s - Inflatable multi person SUPs -  M-6 - 15' x 58" x 8"  ,  M-4 - 13' x 54" x 8"  -

Dolseynators carry up to 8 adults, float 1200 pounds. So much fun for kids and adults ! Worth ever dime.

Super durable, and portable.

Available Motorized, electric powered,

Use them as multi person float, a surf launch pad, multi-kid SUP, or for team building SUP,...

Features: Heavy duty military grade drop stitch vinyl skin, front D rings for tie downs, 10 carrying handles,  5 flex fins, 2 inflation valves, Repair kit, 2 pumps., 2 Oval shaft adjustable paddles . "The Dolseynators" 




Michel Dolsey Designs Surfboards

Performance. Quality. Value. Proven. Trusted.    

At Dolsey, we make a variety of constructions, styles and shapes for learning, lessons, rentals, and performance surfing.

We manufacture boards that help you perform well, and have fun.

 Have a look, you will be impressed. Ride one, you will be a customer.    

Phone: 1-800-969-7473 -Text: 757-737-2004  Fax: 757-423-5568

857-863 West 44th Street, Norfolk, VA 23508          


            Dolsey since1978            

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