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We  offer private  label branding on most of our products.

Dolsey since 1978


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Dolsey was founded in 1978, and has been in the maine and watersports distribution business since. We take pride in being leaders in the design, materials , and   functionality of our products.

Ask any Dolsey dealer who's products are the best values and the shop's best sellers .. Reply is, "Dolsey products are our shop's best selling boards". No brand provides better quality, value and dealer service .

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Best quality and most stable rental,and  lesson boards, 3 distribution centers to serve you. Most durable, best value.  

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    Distributing SUPs, Surfboards, Rashguards, Foils and Accessories, before there was online.   Durable-Stable- Proven-Trusted.       Dolsey- since1978 .