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SUP paddles are much better today than in years past. with more choices of types and materials.


Dolsey Ltd. stocks paddles in aluminum, carbon fiber, fixed or adjustable sizes, in 2 or 3 pieces. We also carry replacement clamps for round and oval paddles.

The most common paddles for rental, lesson and entry paddlers are adjustable aluminum shaft,  with a polycarbonate blade.

They are available under 2 pounds and are also in fixed or in 2 or 3 piece adjustable.

The adjustment clamps are very tight and prevent water from entering the paddle shaft.  These adjustment clamps are also very easy to adjust for various paddle shat lengths.  


Carbon fiber:

CF paddles are lighter than fiberglass or aluminum paddles and cost more.  They are available in fixed-length, or adjustable in either 2 or 3 pieces. There are different types of carbon fabric weaves available and even colored carbon.


Below are guidelines to help you make your paddles last longer and perform better.


Proper Care: 

With proper care, your paddle will last for many seasons. It is important to rinse your paddle with fresh water and dry it after each use. That includes removing the shaft and rinsing the inside of the shaft too.

Some users wipe the adjustment shaft with silicon or "3-In-One" oil to provide a smooth shaft travel.



Shaft Tightening Adjustment: 

Clamps are what allow the shaft length adjustments and keep tension on the shaft to keep the shaft in place, and from sliding or twisting. 

We suggest a few simple requirements. When adjusting the clamp tension adjusting mechanisms, ALWAYS have the clamp tensioner in the open position.  This will keep pressure off the clamp and allow easy adjusting of screws that increase or decrease clamp tightness. If the clamp is in the closed position, it is possible to damage or strip screw heads, or overtighten. . We suggest that you only turn screws 1/4 to 1/2 rotation at a time and make frequent checks when adjusting to see if the shaft is helped by the adjustment. Remember the clamp screws have only so much adjustment travel, and it is important only to tighten screws enough to keep the shaft from moving with reasonable and normal. force. 


For older pin and shaft hole type adjusting clamps, always use 2 thumbs to open the clamp pin. Draw shaft into the desired positing and return the pin to that hole location. Keep shaft clean and free from salt and grit.    



A bag is helpful and recommended  It is not wise to keep a paddle outside in the weather, but rather inside a garage or dry storage plae. Keep your paddle dry and away from moisture changes.  



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Paddle Types, Care and Adjusting

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