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 BamBam - PCG

Available with E-Fin- power assist motorizing kit.

bambam seafoam 2015 front_edited.png
BamBam SUP is a paddleboard featuring  real wood and Polycarbonate skin,  very durable,  very stable  1 800 969 7473
PCG Silver front view_edited.png
PCG Light Blue Carbon_edited.png
PCG stand up Paddle board features  5 fins, 8 deck tie downs, hi grade deck pad, camera and leash plug, durable PC and wood construction . 800 969 7473


  Rasta                                    Sea Foam                            Silver Carbon                         Red Carbon               Light Blue Carbon                       Black Carbon 

The Bam Bam & PCG   

Durable PC Skin makes these SUPs tough as they are beautiful 


EPS machined blank, wood veneer top and bottom (zebrawood or steamed bamboo), laminated with fiberglass, epoxy resin, and Polycarbon top and bottom sheets.


-Wide, stable shape.

-Multi-color traction pad.

-5 Fins- 8" center box fin, 2-G3, 2 G5 side fins for better control and tracking options.

-Gortex gasing air vent to help prevent delamination, 

-8 deck tie down plugs,  for gear and PFDs.

-Camera mount and  leash plugs,  

-Wide width as with all Dolsey SUPs, engineered to be more stable.  


Colors:  Painted rail in Seafoam, white or Rasta. Carbon rails in black, silver, blue, or red.



Bam on shore.jpg

 Size / Dims                 Liters           MSRP

8’8 “x 30” x 4”                  115          $1350

10’ x 33” x 4.25”               180         $1400

10’8” x 33.5” x 4.5”          210         $1450

11’4" x 33.5” x 4.6”           230         $1500

Call or 1-800-9697473

Size           Novice     Mid    Advance

  8’8"           75Lbs      135         175

  10’              100          165        205

  10’8”          135          195        240

  11’4"           175          225        275

     Recommended user weights

Dolsey Bam Bam SUPs work, bow down, subm
Bam Bam Yoga .jpg
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