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GLIDER SUP - Durable, Stable, Buoyant

                                       E- FiN - Motorize your SUP - Power assist. 


   Size         User range      Liters    MSRP

 10'6"'      125-  225lbs          220       $999.       11'4"       165 - 285lbs          280     $1099.              

Rent A Glider SUP 

Stable - Durable

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Dolsey Glider SUP, one of the industries most used SUPs.

Gliders have great features for rentals, lessons, & consumers, Dealers want, Durable - Stable - The Glider is that SUP!

Full featured SUP, priced right., built tough.

More features than other Similar SUPs in its class.  

More tie down gear plugs, Full nose to tail traction pad

Camera, security, and leash plugs

Rail saver tape Large carry handle.      

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Recommended for entry to advanced SUP users,       


Uses -- Lessons , Rentals, Touring, Paddle Fit, Fishing, Yoga, White water SUPing,  SUP Surfing, .....  


 CNC cut EPS core / blank 

 Kevlar reinforced rail, -super durable

 Super durable poly carbon shell - most ding resistant 

 Rail saver tape to protect from paddle damage. 

 True full length, deck traction pad- 3-tone.nose to tail,

 Great for kids and pets-

Center carry handle-  10 deck gear plugs- For coolers, anchor, fishing rod holders, PFDs, cooler...  

Rear tie down plugs provide anchor points for securing a  battery,  to power your SUP, or gear,  2 large diameter security plugs - For cable and lock

9" center box  fin -  2 side fins , for better tracking. 

( Basic Glider available 1 fin and front deck gear plugs.

Proven - Trusted -Chosen 

We offer a motorizing Kit  MSRP $599.



Start them Paddling.... young

Gliders are your best choice

The most durable SUPs

Stable &  Buoyant


Michael Dolsey motorized SUPs,  MD is th
The Glider paddleboard by Dolsey , is THE BEST , most durable , paddle board available. call to buy for fleets. 10'6x33, 11'6 x 34 ,  800 969 7473
E-Fin SUP Motorizing Kit.gif
Kayak w e fin in bottom.jpg

 Size / Dims                Liters

 10’6" x 33” x 5"             200

 11'4" x 34” x 5"             260              

The Glider 


Motorize Yours

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   Size         User range             MSRP

   10'6"'         125-  225                $995.                11'4"         165 - 285               $1095.              


    Distributing SUPs, Surfboards, Rashguards, Foils and Accessories, before there was online.   Durable-Stable- Proven-Trusted.       Dolsey- since1978 .