Levitator - Electric Foil Board 

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The 2020 Levitator - Electric Foil Board


Stable, easy to master, short learning curve. The E-Foil goes to 20+ mph, can run over 1 hour on a charge. 

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Board - 6'8" x 28" x 5.5"      Construction - Carbon fiberglass, wood veneers, over EPS core. Epoxy resin laminated.

Electronics - 2 internal compartments - 1 Dry houses bluetooth circuits and battery. 2 The controller and foil wires. 

 Hatch cover - 4 latch access covers and seals internal components. 

Foil  - All carbon. Mast, 1 piece wing,  plate mounts to board. 

Battery - 36 volt lithium-ion, sealed. 

Foil Motor - Magnetic induction power to prop shaft and propellor.  

Controller Unit - Communicates between remote control, battery and foil motor.  

Remote control - 4 button handheld, 15 speed, water-resistant. - Power on/increase, Power down, Power off, Pairing button.  

Leash - Mounted w magnet for kill/saftey function.

Board Colors - Arctic White , Gloss Carbon Black 


$5999.00   Affordable payment plan.   

1-800-969-7473 Inquire for wholesale pricing. Dealers wanted.

Electric foil  boards

E-fin - Make your

paddle board electric!

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Hatch cover & Internals.  Dry compartment w Battery and Bluetooth circuit.    Wet compartment with a controller unit, and wires in dry capsules.  The controller has fail-safe, limits power if any wire connections get wet.