Levitator - electric foil board-remote controlled 

 The 2020 Levitator, a motorized electric foil board, battery powered, remote controlled. The E-Foil flies to 20+ mph, for over 1 hour on a charge.  The worlds best value electric foil board.  Quick learning curve, more stable than other electric foil boards, and more affordable    Compare at $5555.00   Order - 800 969 7473

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Electric foil  boards

The Levitator electric foil board specs: Board - 6'8" - EPS core - Full carbon fiber, wood and epoxy shell - internal  compartment  holds controller and battery - 4 hatch access handles. 

Foil - All carbon  - mast, wings, fuselage, and plate mount.  Battery - 36 volt lithium ion, sealed case.   Motor controller- internal  Remote control - Hand held, water resistant, 4 button actuated. Button functions 1 Power on /increase, 12 power levels,  2 Power down,  3 Power off, kill switch  4 Battery pairing button.  (pairs with power up) Other Board

 Leash mounted magnet attaches to hatch as a power circuit completion,  a kill function when you fall.  Board Colors  Arctic White   Raw Carbon Black    800-969-7473 Dealers wanted.

E-fin - Make your

paddle board electric!

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 The Levitator- Electric Foil Board - Battery powered, remote controlled.  757 423 3037

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