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Beginner & Lesson  Surfboards 

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E-Boards Epoxy -

 6'6"/6'10'/7'2"/7'6 , 7'10"/8'6"/9'/9'4"/9'8"


Plastech Fantastech


Dolsey soft top surfboard, for lessons surfing. Great boards for rentals, lessons,  and performance boarding. Private label available . 800 969 7473


6'2, 7'/8'/9'


PC Woody



The Ray

 5'6"/5'10'/6'2"/6'6 , 6'10"/7'10"/8'6'/9'2"


Michel Dolsey Designs  has several surfboards  models for beginners, that are also good choices for surf camps and surf schools and lesson providers. These are thicker, wider, more stable boards, with two major attributes, stability and ease of wave catching We offer a variety styles, colors and price points.  Choices in fun, long, hybrid and even a short high volume boards.Used at Billabong , Quicksilver and many other Surf Camps. We have many surf shops where you can rent, try and purchase our brand  Soft boards are the first less on camp choice due their high volume and restrictions some cities have. For personal first boards, we suggest  wide stable wave catching soft, PC, or epoxys.     


Dolsey , Proven - Trustedsince 1978           voice  757 423 3037    Text 757 737 2004        email 

Dolsey brand, surfboards make make you feel good , perform well, and are fun. 

Surfboards - For All Needs 

    INFO  -  800 969 7473

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