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Dolsey Bam Bam is a top seller and prefered ,  Ask why. . 800 969 7473

 Bam Bam / PCG 


The EZ Wider SUP is as epoxy stand up  paddle board featuring , 3 fins, 8 tie down plugs, camera and leash plugs, full deck pad,  A very durable,  very stable  shape  1 800 969 7473

EZ Wider


Dolsey Glider, sets the standard for lesson and rental SUPs, value, durability and stability. 800 969 7473



Dolsey soft top SUP, for lessons. for rentals, lessons, and  more  800 969 7473



Truth is, many of our sups are ocean ready, and wave worthy. Only the ripper was designed as a performance surf SUP, but all the above SUP are good SUPs to surf on.


The Glider and Bumper are more for beginners, the EZ Wider and Bam Bam good performers in small to overhead surf. 

The Ripper is the only SUP contestants have won ESA contests on.  

"I love use 8'8" bam bam is my go to SUP" - Michael Dolsey    

  Call 1-800-9697473



 MD - Headstand a Bumper                                                             8'8" Bam Bam working the point.                                                     Trusting a 9'4" EZ Wider

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