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Dolsey Bam Bam is a top seller and prefered ,  Ask why. . 800 969 7473

 Bam Bam / PCG 


The EZ Wider SUP is as epoxy stand up  paddle board featuring , 3 fins, 8 tie down plugs, camera and leash plugs, full deck pad,  A very durable,  very stable  shape info@dolsey.com  1 800 969 7473

EZ Wider


Dolsey Glider SUP, The standard for lesson and rental SUPs, durability and stable. 800 969 7473



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 Tourmaster        12'6" x 32"             

Dolsey soft top SUP, for lessons. for rentals, lessons, and  more  800 969 7473



Dolsey inflatable SUP, for lessons fitness and touring .  800 969 7473


10'5" x35"             

Dolsey M4  and M6 are inflatable multi person SUP, great for camps, team building or friendly fun.   Private label available . 800 969 7473


  M-4 / M-6

 4 -8 person inflatables


 Dolsey SUPs can be purchased as powered and will come with 1 E-FIN kit.  If you own a SUP, you can add our E-FIN. It adapt to most SUPs.

So, power up, order a motorized SUP or SUP E-FIN.  Why, because having an electric fin powering a SUP, a can be needed by a slower paddler to keep up, a fisherman to troll fish, or to go further faster. 

Multi person SUPs can also be powered by Our E-FIN. , The E-Fin is an awesome upgrade to SUPs.   




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      Order by phone -  800 969 7473

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    Distributing SUPs, surfboards, rashguards and accessories, before there was online.      Durable-Stable-Quality products-Good values with more features.       Dolsey    since1978 .