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 Now available  with power assist. 

Dolsey Bam Bam and all arounder that feels better,  800 969 7473

 Bam Bam / PCG 


EZ Wider


The EZ Wider SUP is as epoxy stand up  paddle board featuring , 3 fins, 8 tie down plugs, camera and leash plugs, full deck pad,  A very durable,  very stable  shape  1 800 969 7473
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Dolsey soft top surfboard, for lessons surfing. Great boards for rentals, lessons,  and performance boarding. Private label available . 800 969 7473
Dolsey inflatable SUP, for lessons fitness and touring .  800 969 7473


10'5" x35"             

 Why Dolsey SUPs?     VERSATILE   - STABLE  - DURABLE -   800-969-7473


 Michael Dolsey Designs paddle boards are best in class! Full featured, just compare to other brands. 

 Dolsey has been in the water for over 40 years!  PROVEN and TRUSTED. 

 Our SUPs help users, teachers, and lesson providers be successful, confident, and happy with their SUPing experience. 

 Michael Dolsey makes  SUPs for teaching, training, exercise, team building, recreation, fishing and competition. 


 Take a look, you will be impressed, give our boards a try, you will be a customer.         



Dolsy SUP are for the dogs
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    Distributing SUPs, surfboards, rashguards and accessories, before there was online.      Durable-Stable-Quality products-Good values with more features.       Dolsey    since1978 .