Inflatable SUPs              Now available  with power assist. 

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10'5" x35"             

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  M-4 / M-6

 4 -8 person inflatables


 Why Dolsey SUPs?     STABILITY  -  PERFORMANCE  - DURABILTY - VALUE   800-969-7473


Dolsey Inflatable SUPs - Wide, Thick, Stable.  We have SUPs for a single rider, to  to 8 adults . 

We are excited about our powered inflatables.  We are alway innovating, to elevate your SUPing experience. 

Dolsey has  always been a leader and innovator in SUP design and construction. 

Our construction and design features make our paddle boards more stable, and fun to ride. 

Get on one, you will feel the difference. 

Take a look, you will be impressed, ride our SUPs, you will be a customer.         



      Order by phone -  800 969 7473

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Loving Long Island surf camps - How fun
Dolsey SUPs- chosen by nations best SUP


    Distributing SUPs, Surfboards, Rashguards, Foils and Accessories, before there was online.   Durable-Stable- Proven-Trusted.       Dolsey- since1978 .