Michael Dolsey

Founder / CEO of Dolsey Ltd / Michael Dolsey Designs

Dolsey Ltd, imports and distributes SUPs, Surfboards, Foils, Rashguards, and Accessories.

I have always had a passion for surfing and watersports. In 1991, my car was broken into in CR at the beach, my liscense and glasses stolen. That led me to invent an ankle wallet , to keep my keys and license in /on me  while surfing. The sewing of that ankle wallet led to making board shorts for lifeguards and shops, which led me to make rashguards, I am rashguards.com, I then started designing and importing surfboards, SUPs, and accessories, that are more stable and durable, for rental and lesson providers. New upcoming items include electric foil boards, and an electric fin system to power your SUP. 


I love my job !!  


Dolsey History:

1978  -  Dolsey Ltd. began as a business selling Marine Products

1991 - Invention of Ankle Wallet to carry key surfing

1993 - Started sewing boardshorts and rashguards

1996 - Designed and imported surfboards 

2007 - Imported first stand up paddle boards 

2008 - Worked with shapers to fine-tune paddleboards for more stability

2010 - Made innovations on SUPs and surfboards to make them more durable.  New plastics allowed SUPs and surfboards to be light, stable and durable.

2017 - Brought in the first Electric foil board

2019 Developed E-FiN, an electric SUP fin to power SUPs and kayaks. 

2020 - The story continues.

Dolsey was founded in 1978, as a marine products distributor and grew into a SUP, SURF, and Foil board products distribution business. We take pride in being leaders in design, materials , and functionality of our products.

Ask any Dolsey dealer who's products are the best values and shop's best sellers, reply is, "Dolsey products are our shop's best selling boards". No brand provides better quality, value and dealer service .

Want to be a Dolsey dealer.  

Best quality products and most stable rental and  lesson boards, and 3 distribution centers to serve you. 

call us : 800 969 7473


Michel Dolsey Designs Surfboards

Performance. Quality. Value. Proven. Trusted.    

At Dolsey, we make a variety of constructions, styles and shapes for learning, lessons, rentals, and performance surfing.

We manufacture boards that help you perform well, and have fun.

 Have a look, you will be impressed. Ride one, you will be a customer.    

Phone: 1-800-969-7473 -Text: 757-737-2004  Fax: 757-423-5568

857-863 West 44th Street, Norfolk, VA 23508          




            Dolsey since1978            

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