Electric Foil board - Electric Bikes - Electric E-Fin SUP motorizing  kit


         The Michael Dolsey Brand has been in the water for over 25 years ! Better designs with more features.

 Electric Folding bikes.  

 14" foldable bikes for personal or rental fleet use. Folding, aluminum, battery-powered bikes. 

 Features :

-Aluminum folding frames

- 14" or 20" wheels

- Automatic transmissions

- Dual disc brakes

- Battery 

 -Adjustable comfortable padded seats

- Horn

- Headlight

- Brake Light

-15 to 22 MPH speeds 

 Colors: Seafoam, white, gray,                     



E-Fin SUP Motorizing Kit

Convert any non-powered SUP or Kayak to powered or power-assisted craft.


-Motorized fin kit runs up to 6 hours

-Bluetooth operated remote control. 


Levitator Electric Foil Board

The newest watersports craze.


Foiling, wing foiling, SUP foiling and Electric foil boards.