Multi person

Inflatable Paddle boards

Available powered. 

Dolseynator M-6 -15'x 58" x 8" 

Dolseynator M-4  13'x 54" x 8" 


                                                                               "D o l s e y n a t o r s "       


For team building, camps, rentals and tour providers. multi person fun.   Call 800 969 7473 to prebook yours.


The D o l s e y n a t o r , M-6  - 6 man inflatable SUP  carries 6 to 8 adults, to 12 children.  Use this SUP with family, friends, a great team building tool.  

The D o l s e y n a t o r , M-4  - 4 - 4man inflatable SUP  that carries  4 to 6 adults, up to 10 children.  

Available with electric power assist fin. E-Fin 


"The Dolseynators"  

Features: Heavy duty military grade drop stitch material.

,Military grade PVC sheet

Front D rings to bungee or tie down gear

 10 carrying handles,

 5 flex fins,

 Repair kit

2 inflation valves

2 high volume manual hand pumps.

2 Oval shaft adjustable paddles (2 lbs ) 

Dolseynators are awesome rental SUPs for family and friends fun.  Add electric power, and add more fun!



M-6 15 'x 58"'x 8"     Floats 1200+  lbs   

MSRP:  $2000      

M-4 13 'x 54"'x 8"     Floats 900+  lbs   

MSRP:  $1800      


    Distributing SUPs, surfboards, rashguards and accessories, before there was online.      Durable-Stable-Quality products-Good values with more features.       Dolsey    since1978 .