The Pescador  Now available electric powered. 



The Pescador  - For Fishing - Tours - Big Paddlers

Dolsey introduced the Pescador fishing SUP back in 2009, it has been in our line since.  Not just for fisherman, for heavy riders , as a balance trainer for football and basketball players.

11' or 12' x 36", Buoyant - Stable -  traction pad - 5  Fins = better control and tracking options, Gasing plug,  Leash and Camera plugs, 16 tie downs for touring / fishing gear - PFDs.-  

All Dolsey SUPs are engineered to be more stable.  Nothing better for  BIG paddlers.  We pioneered wide SUPs, concave decks, full board deck pads and features others have followed.


Construction: EPS core, carbon reinforced rails, deep concave deck, laminated with fiberglass, carbon fiber and epoxy resin,  We see the Pescaor used for fishing, touring,  big paddlers  

Available  motorized.  Ask for the E-FiN motorizing kit.  Make it a powered Pescador .                   Colors:   Lifeguard Red, Daphne Blue, Hunter's Camo


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 Size / Dims                Liters

 11’ x 36” x 5.5"             300 

 12’ x 36” x 5.5"             330              

 Size        User range             MSRP

   11'          175-  350               $1500                   12’           175 - 400              $1600              

      Order  -  800 969 7473


The Pescador


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