Dolsey SUPs for rentals, lessons, paddle fit and Yoga


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 8'8"x30 115L 10'x33 175L

10'8 x33.5 210  11'4"x34 250

 The Michael Dolsey Designs BUMPER SUP  is a great SUP, durable, wide and stable . With a rigid core. it makes for a good lesson, rental, or all around SUP, and is even good for Ocean Rescue,  when fitted with carry handles. The BUMPER is molded from the same used on our Flagship Bam Bam. 

Dolsey is a prime Rental and Lesson SUP distributor,   so call us for a BUMPER . Wide- Durable- Stable.   757 423 3037    email    



Dolsey soft top SUP, for lessons. for rentals, lessons, and  more  800 969 7473
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