10'6"x32"x6" -Air Glider Explorer SUP

 10 '6" x 32" x 6"  -  Air Glider, ​Explorer

Excellent for paddle fit, Yoga, and all around touring, We have decided to add a more basic inflatable SUP, that is still full featured. 


A solid choice all-round inflatable, for exercise and touring. Why, because it is 32" wide which makes it stable, and features a full length deck pad, front and rear bungee tie downs, and a single slider fin. This SUP provides great stability and ample flotation (250 lbs ).  The Air Glider Explorer is easy to travel with and store, so a good SUP choice for limited spaces- boats, small apartments, traveling, hiking.  Avai

Weight  30 pounds, Includes - Pump, repair kit, backpack bag , and aluminum paddle.  ( Optional 3-piece carbon fiber paddle)     

 S T A B L E - B U O Y A N T         


MSRP:  $799                                                                            Available motorized fin kit with fin box !


Call-800  969 7473 or order on line             

 Check out our iTraveler inflatable, 35" wide, great for yoga, or Dolseynator multi-person SUPs.


The "Dolseynators" multi-person inflatable SUPs-

The D o l s e y n a t o r- M-6-  Carries 6 to 8 adults, to 12 children. Use this SUP with family, friends, a great for team building tool, and exercise.     MSRP 1800

The D o l s e y n a t o r- M-4 - Carries 2 to 6 adults, to 10 children. Use this SUP for heavy SUPers, with friends, as a team builder, touring, and exercise.  MSRP 1400

Inflatable SUPs            Now available Powered  


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At Dolsey, we make a variety of board styles, constructions, and shapes. For learning, lessons, rentals, and performance surfing.

We manufacture boards that help you catch more waves, and that perform well.


Have a look, you will be impressed. Ride one, you will be a customer.    

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