• Fins - SUP & Surfboard - Rigid or flexible

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    Fins by Dolsey are available as sets, or single replacementns.

    Dolsey stocks several sizes of center box finsrigid fins for performance surfing and paddling, and flexible fins for beginners , use in shallows, and for rental and lesson providers.

    Dolsey fin sets are stocked in BahneFutures, FCS or screw thru. 

    3" to 5" side sets, 5" thruster sets, or 3" - 5"quad sets.

    Center fins 5 to 10" - Rigid or flexible materials.

    Other fin items- Set screws , Center screw and plate sets 


    Wholesale bulk - 800 969 7473 


    Dolsey for your SUP or surfboard fin needs.     


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