E-FiN, SUP Motorizing Kits, 

E-FiN standard SUP Motorizing Kit - Includes  1 E-FiN- , 1 Remote Control, 1 Battery, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Dry Bag 

E-FiN PRO SUP Motorizing Kit - Includes  1 E-FiN- , 2 Remote Controls, 2 Batteries, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Dry Bag 

Dolsey E-FiN, Electric SUP motorizing  kits will power SUPs to 5 mph, for up to 6 hours,

depending on user weight, water conditions, and type of Board. 

Even Use with SUP, Kayak, Mount  finbox into rigid wood or plastic Kayak via a surfboard center fin box install.  Mount in your fin in inflatable fin box that uses a standard SUP and surfboard fin.  If your inflatable has a slide in slot mount fin, you can purchase an aftermarket, glue on, standard fin box ( as seen in gif pics above. )   

E-FIN fits any longboard / or rigid SUP.. with  a center box.


Use for - Paddle assist / booster,  stand alone power, to help slow or weak paddlers keep up, or get thru strong currents. and to Tour or Fish.

The E-Fin can be adapted to a, kayakcanoe. or wave ski,

The Dolsey E-Fin is a game changer     Shipping $25 - lower 48 mainland states   More info

WILL NOT FIT T base inflatable SUPs..Will fit all DOlsey Inflatables 


E-FiN- SUP Motorizing kits

$699.00 Regular Price
$449.00Sale Price


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