The Ray



 Sizes  / Dims               Liters

 5'6" x 21" x  2.4"                     30

 5'8-10" x   21.5"  x  2.5"         34

 6'- 6'2 x 21.7" x  2.7"             38

 6'4-6'6" x 21.9" x 2.8"           42

 6'10" x  22" x 3"                     46



 Sizes          MSRP

  5'6"                $599

  5'10"              $599

  6'2"                $599

  6'6"                $625

  6'10"              $625     




 Color:  Clear  epoxy over Innegra pattern cloth


The Ray:  Pintail all arounder short board.


Construction  EPS blank, fiberglass over Innegra carbon and kevlar cloth,  EPX 2 epoxy resin, super fins. 



Full template, machine cut, hand finished pin tail EPS and epoxy  laminated  with Innegra cloth, with sanded finish,  light and responsive. The Ray rides as as good as it  looks. Set up is Q-5 Superfin with G5 size fins. 


 BIG BOY  pin tail.   Great  floatation,  and good performance in a limited production  thick wide performance board. 

 7'10"x23"x4"             8'6"x23.5"x 4"          9'2"x24"x4,5"   


Michel Dolsey Designs Surfboards

Performance. Quality. Value. Proven. Trusted.    

At Dolsey, we make a variety of board styles, constructions, and shapes. For learning, lessons, rentals, and performance surfing.

We manufacture boards that help you catch more waves, and that perform well.


Have a look, you will be impressed. Ride one, you will be a customer.    

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857-863 West 44th Street, Norfolk, VA 23508          


            Dolsey since1978            

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