• E-Fin, Motorized electric SUP Fin - by Dolsey

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    E-FiN-  Motorized, electric SUP fin,

    Battery -36 Volt, Lithium ion -  Lasts over 4 hours on full charge.

    Charger.  On/off switch - Port for charger, port for fin power cable.

    Remote control.- Hand held, 4 power mode buttons:  On / power increase, Power decrease, Fin motor off, Pairing .4Power levels.

    The E-Fin will power a SUP to 5 mph, for up to 6 hours, depending on user weight, water conditions, and type of Board or craft. 

    E-Fin, electric SUP fin fits any Bhane box / standard SUP center fin box.  

    Shipping $6    in lower 48 mainland states

    Uses - Paddle assist / booster,  stand alone power for board, to help slow or weaker paddlers keep up, or get thru strong currents. Tour or fish with it. 

    The e-fin can be adapted to a, kayakcanoe. or wave ski,

    The E-Fin is a game changer .        More info




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